Barcore was created to empower people to be healthier, reach fitness goals, and to help themselves and one another through fitness education and knowledge sharing.


To create the largest fitness support network on the planet by helping our greater community convert fitness from a concept to a lifelong habit.


Redefining the Way We Move

Like anything new, Barcore started with a conversation about human behavior. Each year we see health clubs fill up in January. “New year, new me!” Until February comes and “new year, same me” prevails. Some who exercise even share relief that the gym has cleared out again and they can have their machines back. At Barcore, we don’t feel that way. We ask why?


After several surveys, interviews, and conversations we learned that most people who do not exercise do so because they do not find any joy in the activities presented to them. Some people feel alone. This is human nature. It’s a pretty big request to ask someone to do something they do not like for the rest of their lives. I know I wouldn’t.


Barcore's thesis has two points:

  1. People will do things that they like. 

  2. People are more likely to stay on track with a  community to motivate them and keep them accountable. 

Sometimes those individuals or communities may want a professional to provide guidance. We asked ourselves, what if we did something like that?


And Barcore was born. Show up. Find things you like. Keep going. This is your Journey.

Lifting Barbells


Keep learning

Learning is fundamental to healthy living. We learn our bodies, our surroundings, our capabilities, and apply that information to every aspect of our lives.

Share knowledge

By sharing information we create relationships, community, and friends, in turn, boosting our quality of life.

Have fun

Our challenging days come in many forms.  Changing the way we feel about those days and learning to enjoy the process.

Be transperent

Answer the hard questions. Have the uncomfortable conversations. Learn, move forward, and enhance your life.

Work together

Motivate yourself, motivate each other, and work harder together.

Our Journey So Far



Barcore was founded to be a place and a platform where people can cancel the noise and focus on their fitness journey, not just the results.



New Barcore website is live. People can join the Barcore community through their preferred social media channels.

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