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Why we should forget tomorrow and start today

Tomorrow is always easier than today. Later is easier than right now. For most cases inside the bell curve, I think we can safely agree on that statement being objectively true. We have a bias towards tackling seemingly difficult tasks in the future rather than in the present. I write this not from a pedestal, but from a chair, much like the one you’re sitting in as you read this. Mine has four legs of equal length welded to a metal platform on which a lacquered wooden seat and backrest are fastened with small screws. I’ve made a habit of sitting in this chair because I trust that it will hold my weight, the height is such that my legs are comfortable, and the longer I sit here the easier it is to focus on the immediate task at hand, building Barcore. But let’s go back to the chair. This chair sits in a room that has 14 tables and 89 other chairs. Options to the teeth, but every day I still sit here. Since embarking on this journey, this self-managed, unstructured, yet goal-oriented journey, I’ve struggled immensely to build a routine. Ironically, I was struggling to show up, find things I liked, and keep going.

If you know me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those that don’t, I’ll be explicit. In my case, I am referring to leaving my job to start this company. When you make that move, everything in your reality changes, and your mind must become three times as strong. You need to create some rails for your brain to ensure that you continue to show up. If you stop showing up no one will ever know. In order to show up, you need to find those things that you like. Whether it be your computer setup, the coffee shop, the food, the chair, the lighting, the people, whatever it may be. While maybe you could do it alone, your chances of success will be far higher if you have an accountability system. Someone to make sure you wake up. To make sure that you go. To pick you up on the down days, and to reinforce the good days. That’s it. I just described my journey in building Barcore. I’m showing up, enjoying the ride, and accountable to my team. That’s #barcorelife. Now re-read that same story, swap out the details, and think about anything that you’re looking to tackle.

What’s the habit you’re looking to cement?

What’s blocking you from showing up?

What’s limiting the joy of this habit?

How are you staying accountable?

We are a wellness company. More importantly, we are a habit company. We are in the business of making wellness a lifelong habit. Our mission is to enable every person interested in making wellness a lifelong habit to do so. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. There is so much sludge and so much noise. We’re here to remove the sludge and cancel the noise. The goal is the journey. Of course smaller goals (strength, speed, attendance, weight loss) are nested inside that journey, but the goal is to stay on the journey. Show up. Find exercises you like. Keep going. We are so excited to be on this journey with you. Tell us about yours or the one you’re thinking of beginning, and maybe, just maybe we can help you today. Let’s forget tomorrow and start today.

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