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Zoom Out: Weight Loss - Printing money since 1918

Weight loss. Are we taking the wrong approach. Where to begin? Why is this still a topic?


If you are on a journey to lose weight, keep on pushing! If we can help in any capacity, let us know! This article is a critique of the market conditions that have enabled "weight loss" to be a cyclical hot button topic for as long as any of us can remember. Keep in mind that weight management is just one piece of your wellness playbook.

In order to see through the weight loss fog, one must first acknowledge the driving force behind the business machine of these concepts, the trickiness of information flow, and lastly, understand the reasoning behind their actions.

Weight Loss is a great business

What a money making machine! What an unbelievable system! Get people to achieve a goal without giving them a foundation? What are the odds that a person comes back for more. Better yet, repackage it, so when they come back, and you know they will, that it's something new?

I'm not saying that all companies do this, but I am saying that something is missing. Imagine a world where we each had a foundation in our own personal wellness.

Too much noise

Why in 2022 are we still debating which method is best? We know enough to understand the flaws of absolutism. Collectively we have near infinite resources. How many headlines have you read that say "8 tricks to losing weight", "What is the ultimate secret to losing weight?", or "The diet of all diets. Click here to read more"?

The internet is beautiful. Information flow is giving light a run for its money in terms of speed. That said, cloaked in a speedy gown of magnetic personalities, misinformation and regurgitated empty information is directly enabling us to slowly reduce both the amount of time we spend on this planet as well as the quality of that time. More conversation is better than less, however, we must acknowledge that abundance of information requires us as individuals to do some diligence. No secret pill will sustain a lifetime of wellness.

Conclusion: What if we had a wellness foundation, a lifetime health model?

We attend school to learn. We obtain certifications to learn. Unfortunately, those are half truths. While education and continuance thereof are paramount to societal growth, many of us jump through these hoops because we think we are supposed to. When we do this, the education itself is often lost in translation.

For more than 100 years, we've been taking that same approach to wellness. What if we connected the real world to the metaphorical classroom? What if we understood the why behind the what? When we consume information, connect it to something we like, and have an accountability system, then we have truly learned that information. It is cemented in our brains like Michael Scott's face in the pavement.

Weight loss is a small part of the wellness ecosystem. Are you interested in making your personal wellness a permanent habit? Click here to book your free 15 minute wellness consultation today. In terms of risk management, this is 15 minutes. This is less than one episode of Emily in Paris.

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